Healthy Life Vibes

Things You Can Do For Your Health Every Day, (No Matter How Busy You Are) We love a list of wholesome, happy, healthy & holistic here at Shimmering Sands (especially…

The Minimalist Boutique

Editor’s Pick: Ramusake joins the VeGang

Reflexology for mamas-to-be

The Secret Garden that isn’t so secret

We love unveiling hidden gems in Dubai here at Shimmering Sands, and what a gem we have for you here! A not-so-secret, secret garden in Downtown Dubai. Introducing the Vii…


January SSxBH


Healthy breakfast talk with Tayyaba Jordan

Healthy Breakfast Talk with renowned Wellness and Health Coach Tayyaba Jordan at Comptoir 102 One of our favourites Comptoir 102 will be hosting a morning of nutritious healthy cuisine and an inspiring…

Shimmering Sands Wedding

Editor’s Pick: Aditya, Sri Lanka

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