Mummy Me Time

The importance of “Me Time” as a Mum is so critical. We came across a study that shows the average Mum has just 17 minutes to herself a day. One…

Business workshops; learn English to Arabic

Why we actually love Summer in the UAE

H Retreats x Shimmering Sands, Saturday day Retreat

Editor’s Pick: Keeping it real with Kibsons

If you haven’t tried Kibsons yet; it’s a life changer. The food is fresh, organic, affordable, and it’s easy! We love the service. Items are freshly handpicked and delivered from local…

Editor’s Pick: Brunswick; a proper pub!

Dubai Bucket List

Dubai-Mama’s Wishlist

H Retreats x Shimmering Sands Wellness Saturday

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with global & locally based retreat company H Retreats to launch a monthly Shimmering “Wellness Saturday” retreat day, based here in the UAE. If…

Becoming a Mama without your Mama

Bali Bound

FOME (Fear of Missing Everything), Expat Honesty