A day in the life of…

A day in the life of…

Continuing our real Shimmering Sands girls, talking through their real Dubai days:

A day in the life of

Who is she? Bijal Soni

Where is she from? India but 3rd generation in Dubai 

Occupation? Communication Manager

a day in the life of

6AM: My alarm goes off but I am so not rolling out of bed until my second alarm goes off 15 minutes later.

6.30AM: I’m walking out of the house eating my energy bar along with my work out gear, 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, and 2 outfit changes!

7AM: I either hit my gym for an hour’s training with my PT or it is a very early morning date with one of my girls who is on the Guavapass bandwagon along with me. We rotate between Reformer Pilates at Mojo Reformer, a Bikram Express at Rawr Yoga, or Circuit training at Atone fitness / The Warehouse Gym.

8AM: The next 30 – 40 minutes is the only time of the day that I have to myself (considering I have multiple tabs open in my head all day) so I like to take my own time before diving into work.

9AM: First meeting of the day either with a journalist or a blogger – although Namshi has a dedicated PR agency to maintain our day to day media relations, I still prefer having my direct relationships. I like to schedule all outdoor meetings first thing in the day because a) it is out of the way and b) Meal #1

11AM: Meal #2 and back in office catching up on emails which then follows a round of status meetings with Namshi’s buying, content and marketing team to get briefed on new brands coming on board – we practically have a new brand arriving online every single week and each one of them or rather most of them need their own communications plan to launch on the site. Depending on the budgets given, I need to go to my drawing board to propose various activities or partnerships ranging from sending out press releases, brand interviews, blogger activation, press event, or a blogger only event.

3PM: Meal #3 and since I look after external partnerships as well for Namshi, today I met with a travel agency to discuss a potential press trip and a beauty brand to talk about an engaging and creative campaign because it’s all about strategic collaborations to get momentum on word of mouth and PR for your brand.

6PM: I change into Outfit #2 at the office (Meal #4) and its blog time! Which basically means food, vino, friends and discovering a new venue practically every time.

7PM: Today I went to a festive gathering hosted by the Banana Republic team at the beautiful Bussola at The Westin and right after to The Maine Oyster & Grill for their 1st anniversary celebrations. I dedicate minimum two full evenings a week for my blog (it is technically a second job but I thrive off of it) followed by Meal# 5 somewhere in between. The rest of the week is split between family dinners, girls night out, or a Netflix binge.

10PM: I’m home and out of my heels! Next follows one or more episodes on Netflix, Pinterest, writing for my blog (sometimes) and then passed out like a log within an hour unless my friends have convinced me for a late night and I’m dancing away at Toy Room until 2AM!

Imagery credits: https://www.instagram.com/myprdiaries/, http://www.meganhess.com/


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