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We have joined forces with trainer and nutritionist James, and Michael from Dubai based Beyond Human Training and Nutrition to create a 10 week wellbeing lifestyle change program for our Shimmering Sands leading ladies! We know many of you are like us, and spend hours in the scary man gym testing the water with Cross Fit (why does that box suddenly look so big when you have to jump on it!) and wondering why after 4 weeks of going multiple times a week we don’t look like Jessica Alba, or we eat no carbs after 9PM and only have a smoothie for breakfast and we can’t understand why we STILL don’t look like Jessica Alba. The point of this program is we’re not all going to look like Jessica Alba, and that’s ok (hear us out!), but we can look and feel the best we can be! Stop bashing ourselves. Shimmering Sands takes you Beyond Human (SSxBH for short) is about an educational journey from day 1 to day 70 on how to fully understand how the gym works best for our bodies, and that food is our friend! Too many of us (we’re just as bad) are terrified of carbs, and don’t really understand if avocado is a good fat, or a bad fat, one day it’s a good fat, the next day it’s bad. It’s all about context and we are all different. Beyond Human and Shimmering Sands are here to help on a personal level to start you on your journey to a new educated lifestyle, no body blitz, no crash diets; a lifestyle change.

Beyond Human

Who are they? Introducing the Beyond Human boys

Michael is the sports nutritionist at Beyond Human. He holds a 1st class (hons) BSc in Sports Biomedicine and Nutrition. Having previously worked in a clinical setting as a nutritionist, Michael has experienced and worked with an array of clients. He eats, sleeps, and breathes nutrition and is a frequent researcher in the field. During his studies and journey he has established different strategies and ways to practically apply his up-to-date theories to his clients. He prides himself on being an evidence informed, yet pragmatic practitioner, who ensures sustainable results. He doesn’t agree with making massive restrictions, or even enforcing drastic changes in people’s life’s. Michael’s approach to getting sustainable results is about ensuring his clients learn and take on-board the necessary information to eventually be able to fend for themselves.

James is the head trainer at Beyond Human and has been involved with training for a very long time. He was previously a professional rugby league player for Leeds Rhinos in the U.K. and also represented his country in the sport. He has now chosen to share his passion and knowledge around fitness with his very well established client base here in the U.A.E. He specialises in training females and hopes to change the persona around females being afraid of weight training with the anticipation of becoming “bulky”. His methods of training are extremely individualised as he respects the need to tailor/scale exercises for varying levels of competence, all whilst achieving amazing results.

beyond human

Shimmering Sands takes you Beyond Human from July 3rd

We would like to invite you to join us on this journey, which will offer you the following across a 10 week period:

  • Initial one-on-one launch consultation on fitness & nutrition to talk through goals, and current status – personalised, educational approach with both James, and Michael
  • 5 seminars throughout the 10 weeks with topics including
    • How do we know how much to eat?
    • Sleep. Why it’s so important
    • Benefits of female strength training
    • FAD diets and why they don’t work
    • What is healthy?
  • The opportunity to join us for up to 7 focused fitness classes per week
    • 6:30AM morning class – Monday, Wednesday & Thursday
    • 7PM evening class – Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday
    • 9AM Friday morning pre-Brunch Blitz
    • All classes based at 6 Pillar Fitness, Al Quoz
  • If you go on holiday in this time, the team will refund the time back to you
  • Closed WhatsApp & Facebook group for guidance and support i.e. “can I eat this, or will it go straight to my chin?” / “what can I eat for Brunch today, please say cheese”
  • Weekly challenges (with prizes)
  • Discounted blood tests for nutrition deficiencies

All for just 1,750AED! Email to sign up today!

beyond human


Most of all, it will be FUN, join the SSxBH community to a lifestyle you love.

beyond human


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