Shimmering Sands takes you Beyond Human (is back!)

beyond human

Shimmering Sands takes you Beyond Human is back again!

Starting September 24th, 2017 for another 10 weeks. Just in time for zero Christmas lunch guilt! Yesss!

Don’t know what we’re talking about? This is SSxBH:  the all female educated lifestyle change programme, focusing on training & nutrition.

beyond human

We have group (no more than 10 people) personal training sessions throughout the week, and personalised nutrition plans, as well as educational seminars every 2 weeks, weekly challenges, a Facebook & WhatsApp group which is constantly supporting, and advising, we even chucked in some yoga, and mindfulness training, but most of all, we have created a fitness friendship group.

Here’s what our day one’s have to say about the programme:

  • I’m just about to hit my half way mark through the program and already I can feel increased energy levels, see toning across my body and my posture has definitely improved. For me the goal was to feel more body confident and just my general well-being to be lifted and I’m delighted to start seeing these positive changes. The fear pre-work out has disappeared and has been replaced with motivation and empowerment, the team are great to work with, fun and approachable and the girls are becoming work out buddies & I look forward to seeing everyone. We help each other through the bad days and praise each other on our gains! I can’t wait to sign up again and make this a long term lifestyle change.
  • I’m super happy about this training. I used to feel very depressed the passed year because I was eating low-carb or doing intermittent fasting – which made me very kranky. I didn’t lose weight however although I was working out a lot (and eating healthy I thought) which made me even more unhappy. I’m so much more educated now! And I love the girls. It’s so much fun!
  • I’ve tried almost everything on offer to shed the dreaded Dubai stone, Guava, Bootcamps, Bikram however I’ve always struggled to find something I actually enjoyed.
    I’ve never been good at working out alone and had no idea how to lift a weight so some of the classes I wanted to try just seemed a little daunting. would I look like an idiot? Would I hurt myself? The classes are often packed with instructors not able to check the individuals performance however a personal PT is just so expensive. I’ve found SSxBH the perfect balance, it’s like having your private PT however in a fun environment where the other girls help to push and motivate you!
    I would 110% recommend, each session is grueling however so enjoyable which I actually never thought possible.
    The nutrition advise and support as a member of the SSxBH community is also the cherry on the cake! (Not that we eat cakes now).

The group PT sessions will run in Al Quoz Sunday & Monday evenings at 7PM, and Monday and Wednesday mornings at 6:30AM with our Friday morning pre-Brunch Blitz at 9AM.

beyond humanWe will be running a 1,500AED early bird offer until the September 10th, email for more details, and to book your slot! Limited spaces available. From September 10th the programme costs 1,950AED for the 10 weeks.


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