Healthy pet food delivery in Dubai

Healthy pet food delivery in Dubai

Would you raise your human child on a highly processed, fast food diet? No. So why would you do so for your fur child? Introducing Furchild Pet Nutrition – a healthy pet food delivery service here in Dubai. We love it already!

*before you roll your eyes anyone that doesn’t live in Dubai, thinking this is just another typical Dubai life is so easy & ridiculous fad, yes it is easy, but it’s far from ridiculous and no fad, this is affordable (competitive with pet shop / supermarket prices), and honestly a bit of a no brainer; healthy, nutritious raw pet food for keeping your fur babies healthy, happy and well. So much more than a pampered pets initiative!


For anyone that has been following Shimmering Sands for a while, you will know our Founder has two rescue suluki girls  (above, Hi Mocca & Millie) and they are literally her fur babies (children). Therefore we jumped at the opportunity to try this service for the pups. The service was fantastic (from thorough follow ups from the team, to prompt delivery), and the girls seemed to thoroughly enjoy their meals, as well as cheeky treats (we will definitely be buying these again, it’s always hard in a pet store / at the supermarket to understand what’s a ‘healthy’ treat, and what’s full of nasties for the precious pups).

Created by pet lovers, for pet lovers, Furchild is the Middle East’s first raw and healthy pet food service, that offers a premium product for the perfect cat and doggy diet. Using only the best quality non-medicated and ethically sourced halal meats imported from Australia, Germany, South Africa, France, Oman and America, Furchild takes feed time back to its roots, with fresh, biologically appropriate, non-chemically adjusted food.


We took some time to talk to Furchild about the service, and why they started:

How did you come up with the Furchild concept?

After watching our beloved dog Maximus struggle with numerous health issues, we knew we could not turn a blind eye. Just like a child, he was fully reliant on us and it was our responsibility to ensure we looked at all ways to safeguard his wellbeing. After a huge amount of research, we learnt that a fresh, natural diet is what dogs – and cats for that matter – thrive off and the processed pet foods sold in many supermarkets and pet stores are less than ideal for our pets’ health and wellbeing.

Once we found out that putting Maximus on a raw, natural diet was likely to not only supress, but also cure many of his ailments, we got straight to work. Needless to say, it worked better than we could have ever hoped, with immediate improvements in both his appearance and character. We were so taken aback by what we witnessed that we knew we had to not only keep the diet going, but we were inspired enough to come up with the Furchild brand, so we could help many more people in the same situation as us.

How long did it take for you to see a change in your dog’s health?

It really was so quick. Within two weeks we had started to see behavioural differences, with progress in his energy levels, the appearance of his coat and his digestion. It really is surprising how much difference a proper diet makes.

How bad is feeding processed food to our pets?

Commercial pet food has been around for the past 100 years and in those years, obesity, diabetes, cancer and many other health problems have risen in dogs and cats. The foods that we’re feeding our pets are not appropriate for them as they’re high in starch and carbohydrates, use poor quality meats, are not fresh, contain unnatural ingredients and use preservatives to have a very long shelf life. Our pets were made to eat ‘biologically appropriate’ food and need to break down fresh ingredients rather than processed dry and canned foods.


Why should our pets eat raw?

Simply because it is natural and they are designed to eat fresh foods. Dogs and cats are meant to be hunters and just like humans, if they’re on the right diet, they can be in the best of shape. Our pets have evolved through hunting and eating foods that is natural to them. With a fresh approach to their diet, this means we can feed them what they’re supposed to be eating which is high quality protein and fresh ingredients.

Why is it best for our pets to take supplements with typical pet food?

With the kibble and canned food that we feed our pets on a daily basis, they aren’t consuming the right types of healthy fats and nutrients needed for their health to thrive. Adding fresh sources of Omega-6 and Omega-3 in the right proportions, as well adding digestive enzymes and probiotics supplements to their diet, it really helps dogs and cats to become visibly healthier and in better shape.

Is it easy to make the switch from traditional pet food to a raw diet?

Yes! For the first few days, it’s best to mix 25% of Furchild food in to their traditional diet. We advise to slowly increase the amount of Furchild raw food over a ten-day period, by which time they should be eating a fully raw diet.

What if my pet doesn’t take to the raw diet?

Generally speaking most pets take a little time to adjust to a fresh food diet. It depends on their age and health. We advise clients to get in touch our team and we’ll share a few tips and tricks that work like magic! For some pets, they can start by gently searing the Furchild raw food on a pan and once cooled, they can put it down for feed time. The meals can be heated less each day until it is served fully raw at room temperature.


So, why is Furchild cheaper than other healthy pet foods?

We have a unique set up. The majority of our business comes through recommendations and as we cut out the retail middleman we are able to pass the savings directly to the customer, meaning we bring you premium quality pet meals for less.

Do you have any scientific evidence to back up your claims?

There are many biological observations in both dogs and cats that show that they thrive off fresh, raw foods. Scientists believe that dogs were domesticated from grey wolves thousands of years ago and share 99% of their DNA. In the wild, a dog’s ancestors would eat anything from wild whole prey to insects and vegetables – they are, by nature, hunters that require species-appropriate food in order to maintain optimal health.

A cat is a true carnivore and their species appropriate diet is based upon feeding fresh prey. The ancestors of dogs and cats never hunted dry pellets in the wild, and they thrived on hunting a variety of high-moisture, fresh, raw foods. Just by looking at a dog’s and cat’s anatomy and physiology, they were designed to eat and digest raw meat. Both species have a very acidic stomach and a short gastrointestinal tract, making them suited for digesting raw meats and resilient to bacteria. The structures of their jaws move up and down with sharp interlocking teeth that are designed to rip and tear flesh.

Their teeth are not flat and they cannot move their jaws sideways like herbivores to grind plant matter. Real-life stories of positive testimonials are the best evidence we have. Furchild continually receives countless accounts of people’s pet’s health transformed because of Furchild meals.

How does the Furchild service work?

All food is online for ordering and delivers straight to your home, prepared fresh, packaged frozen and delivered in Furchild’s freezer vans and insulated cooler bags. Keep the recipes frozen and thaw 24-hours before serving. You can keep the thawed meals refrigerated for up to two days. At Furchild we care about the diet of each individual pet as we ourselves have witnessed first-hand what a huge difference the correct nutrition can have. Whether customers prefer to visit our website, or contact us directly via phone or email, they will be offered a wealth of advice on pet nutrition in order for them to make the switch in full confidence.

For orders and advice, contact 04 339 0100 or log on to



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