If you haven’t found all the information you need, here are some Frequently Asked Questions for those looking to join buy augmentin 625mg SSxBH:

view website # Where, and when?

December 4th:  Where: 6 Pillar Fitness, Al Quoz When: Monday 5:30AM / 6:30AM / 7PM, Tuesday: 6:30AM, Wednesday 5:30AM / 6:30AM / 7PM, Thursday: 6:30AM, Friday: 9:15AM (45 min pre-Brunch blitz @ 6 Pillars / Skydive Dubai), Saturday: 6PM

January 8th: Where: New Beyond Human premises, Al Quoz When: Sunday to Thursday: 5:30AM / 6:30AM / 10AM / 7PM daily, Friday: 8AM / 9AM, Saturday: 6PM / 7PM

# How many sessions should I be doing per week?

As a member of the SSXBH program you are entitled to 4 sessions a week. We recommend that you attend at least 3 sessions to attain optimal results, and treat the 4th session as a “top-up”, which will generally be the pre-Brunch blitz.

# How many people are in a group?

There will never be more then 8 ladies to 1 trainer to ensure we keep the level of individuality that we are looking to achieve. The overall size per hour will depend on the demand for the times that we offer. Don’t worry, we will give you all the attention you require.

# How long do the sessions last?

Each session lasts approximately 1 hour and is designed to cover all the necessary training systems for you to get results. The Friday sessions (pre-Brunch blitz) will last 45 minutes.

# Do you provide nutritional advice?

We have a team that is well-equipped, well-educated, and ready to help you with your nutrition. We take a more educational approach to the nutrition side, and hopefully give you the most sustainable and effective dose to maintain your health and beyond human physique.

# How long is the program and how long do I commit to?

December: From December 4th to December 23rd – join us for up to x4 all-female group training sessions a week across the 3 weeks ahead of Christmas for 500AED bulk payment.

January: The program initially runs on a 12-week basis, which can be paid monthly @750AED per month, either via online transfer or cash (we are working on getting our card machine sorted). Following the initial 12-weeks we offer an after service where you simply pay a non-contractual monthly membership where you can train, pick our brains, and continue your SSXBH journey.

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Photographer credit: Milli Midwood

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