About to grow a baby?

Congratulations to Dubai-based female entrepreneur Anna Roberts on the birth of her adorable twin boys. Anna kindly offered us some fantastic tips on pregnancy for Mum’s the Word.


“Is the idea of getting pregnant or finding out you’re pregnant leaving you feeling stressed and overwhelmed? It’s a momentous occasion and full of emotions as I’ve detailed already but if you don’t have a great support network around you and you feel like you need a few tactics to help navigate through the adjustment period, I’ve put together some inexpensive options for you to try. Here are five resources that have been a great help to me and will help you bounce back to be the productive, confident person you already are.

Gifted to me by my sister-in-law, the book is written by Mum to four little girls and midwife to many in the UK. I’ve followed Clemmie on Instagram for a while now where you’ll find her as @motherofdaughters, but in the book, she shares her knowledge and stories as a midwife about pregnancy, birth and mothering young children. From how to prevent tearing during birth to what you need in your labour bag, Clemmie reveals everything pregnant women and new mums need to know with a good dose of humour and wit.

It’s become a bit of a ritual in our house to watch the weekly video update on how big the baby is, or in our case babies are. As it’s based on your due date, you’ll receive personalised content, parenting news and health information much like the widely popular books of the same name. It’s clearly designed and has useful references like ‘Your baby is as big as an apple this week’ and insights from what is developing in the womb; perfect to get Dad’s involved in the process.

Asos.com is a global online fashion retailer that has an extensive amount of maternity wear. I made a decision early on in pregnancy that I wasn’t going to wear yoga pants and baggy tops the whole time and embrace my growing bump. I’ve found loads of gorgeous dresses in the maternity sale section for really affordable prices and even in my first trimester, I bought in larger sizes in order to grow into them. Bonus: I’ve had great experiences with shipping and customer service!

I’m a huge believer in a positive mental attitude and affirmations are an essential part of this. Having used different scripts for different scenarios I was facing in life, I found both of these while googling one afternoon. They are great to have on my phone when I’m having an off moment or struggling to get to sleep and want to settle the chaos in my brain. The twin script is especially important to have the plural ‘babies’ used instead of ‘baby’ which can sometimes get annoying when you’re carrying two.

I’ve maintained my fitness since the first trimester and found a variety of classes on Guavapass that will adapt to having me with the bump as well as exploring their offerings in the pre and postnatal section. Check with your doctor to get the ‘all clear’ first. It’s been great connecting with other mothers at classes, trying out different yoga and circuit classes that are created with expecting mums in mind and it’s all in the convenience of the GuavaPass app.”


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