Becoming a Mama without your Mama

Our Founder Frankie had planned her pregnancy. She was blessed to get married last year, and within less than 2 months to have fallen pregnant with her first baby. What she had not planned was having her baby as an expat being so much harder than she had expected, being away from home.

“I love living in Dubai, but I am also a ‘home girl’ at heart. I have committed to my heart being in two places for the last 4 years of being an expat in Dubai, and I’ve lived the best of both worlds the best I can. I adore my family at home, I love the idea (idea!) of seasons, I love the closeness of friends & family at home, whereby Dubai can feel quite lonely. I have created a life in Dubai I love; I have my husband, two dogs and a beautiful home, I have made so many friends from all walks of life, I love waking up in the sunshine every day, we have more disposable income than we would ever have at home, I love weekends feel like holidays but in the last 3 months (I’m now 14 weeks pregnant), I have noticed a shift in my mindset. I’m going to assume this is a natural shift for all expat Mums-to-be. I’m missing my Mum, and I’m missing my home.

My first Trimester has been a learning curve! I have had my ups, and downs, all of which have been shared with my Mum via daily WhatsApp’s and Skypes. She knows what fruit size the baby is that week, she’s seen every baby scan via digital, she knows I’ve been struggling to eat anything but Hula Hoops, she knows I can’t fit into my pants anymore (thanks to said Hula Hoops), but it’s not the same when she can’t experience any of this with me, LIVE. I want to share everything, and I know this will only get harder as the baby starts to get bigger in my belly, we start to notice little kicks and movement, and the scans start to get more thorough.

This is a hard post to write because I’m not moving home any time soon, and I control this, I am in control of the solution to missing my Mum, therefore who am I to blame but myself, but I’m going to assume this is a relatable post for expat Mums-to-be in the region, and  just want to say you are not alone if you are feeling the same guilt. We have chosen this path to better our lives for our own children, and our parents wouldn’t want us to leave everything we’ve worked so hard for (they created the ambition in us) to come home if we didn’t feel ready. My Mum is proud, and supportive, but internally it’s a battle for both of us, and will only get harder as the baby arrives. Some women don’t have their Mums, and my heart breaks for them as my Mum is truly my best friend, therefore I try my best not to be ungrateful, and to be grateful I have a relationship with my Mum that is so hard to be away from. I know when the time comes for us to move home my Mum will be ready and waiting to be the best Grandma she can be. Love you Mum x.”


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