Mummy Me Time

Mummy Me Time

The importance of “Me Time” as a Mum is so critical. We came across a study that shows the average Mum has just 17 minutes to herself a day. One word; frazzled. Anna Roberts gives us her Mummy me time hints & tips (with twins! That’s even more of a balancing act!);

I love my children but I crave me time. That sentence in itself was hard to write down but what a relief to finally admit. As a mother of twins, business owner and radio host I’m constantly juggling everyone but myself, but that quickly had to change. I’ve had burnout before in my previous career and I could slowly start to see the signs creeping back in. 

Quick start – I sorted out the house and had my mother in law come and stay to help my husband with the boys and I packed my bags. Mama was going to the Maldives! The last time I was there was on a baby moon and I wanted to be able to enjoy this trip minus the swollen ankles and I’ve been dying to ride in a Seaplane (goals!) So there was only one island I had in mind… Four Seasons at Landaa Giravaru. Its a huge property with enough to keep you busy and plenty of quiet spots to let you feel like you can breathe.

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Being a mum is one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever take on and we need to prioritize our wellbeing to be the best role model and parent to our little ones. I’ve put together 5 ways for busy mums to make time for self care every day, luxury resort optional!

 1: Saying no

I used to be a big people pleaser, my patience went out the window when I had kids! Over time it really wore on me but I’ve learnt to trust my gut and if something isn’t an instant and complete yes, it gets a no. Freeing time for my priorities and non-negotiables has been empowering.

 2: Get moving

Ha, making time for a workout. Is she serious? I had all the plans in the world to stick to my Sweat app post baby exercise plan but that went out the window on week 3. It ended up causing me more stress because I was trying to structure my day just like I was before kids and squeeze everything in. Instead, I realized that even just getting out for a walk on my own was far better than cabin fever inside and gave me more energy and mental space for the kids!

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3: Cutting down on negative screen time

I did terrible things to myself by subjecting the long nights breast feeding or burping the boys by scrolling through social media on my phone. Seeing everyone’s highlight reel gave me major FOMO and I wish I had a Kindle instead to occupy my mind and do something that would have been beneficial to me.

 4: Outsource the tasks you hate

Managing your stress levels as a new mum is self-care and automating tasks can help tremendously. Grocery shopping, house help, admin errands and even aspects of a business for an entrepreneur can all be automated, completed online or outsourced. Trust me, it’ll make you day so much more enjoyable knowing you’ve got it sorted.

5: Get smarter with you products

Overnight facemasks have saved my skin. Post baby the glow fades and when you cant spare 20-30 minutes with a sheet mask, overnight anything is best. Teeth whitening strips, foot masks, hair masks are brilliant. Even podcasts while you’re feeding can save you time and make you feel like you’ve caught up with the world outside.

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