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Founded by Frankie Hales in 2016, Shimmering Sands is a lifestyle digital platform catered for expat women in Dubai.

Frankie moved to Dubai in 2014, having never visited the region before, but with an incredible career opportunity ahead of her, she and her partner packed up their London life to move to the desert!

Shimmering Sands tells all the secrets she wish someone had shared as she made the bold move! Fashion (yes, you can wear a bikini on the beach), Beauty (no, you won’t lose all your hair without a water filter), Lifestyle (yes, you are most likely to be broke even in a tax free country, how, we don’t know the answer to that secret!), Travel (make the most of this side of the world while you are here), being an expat Mum (no, not all 3 year olds have iPads).

Shimmering Sands is dedicated to the new, and longstanding expat ladies of Dubai.

Your very own digital girl gang!

If you would like to contribute, we would love to hear from you! Email info@shimmeringsands.me

For more information, please contact the team at info@shimmeringsands.me